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Board of Building Adjustment and Appeals


This five member board was established by Ord. 83-16 (amended by Ord. No. 91-57); Repealed and amended by LDC, Div. 1.22.1 (Ord. 91-102, as amended) to hear appeals on rejections or refusals by the Building Code Compliance Director to approve mode of construction or materials to be used in construction or alteration of a structure. Membership consists of five members representing the following professions: One state licensed architect or structural engineer, one Class “A” general contractor, one state certified fire protective equipment contractor or State Certified Fire Fighter with the rank of Lieutenant or higher; or State Certified Fire Safety Inspector with the rank of Lieutenant or higher one licensed electrical contractor, and one licensed plumbing or mechanical contractor. Members must be knowledgeable in the following Collier County Codes: Florida Building Codes, Electrical Code, Fire Prevention Code, Gas Code, Mechanical Code and Swimming Pool Code. The membership term is four years. The meetings are held quarterly, or on an as needed basis. This is a Quasi Judicial Board.

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 Category  Name  District   Exp. Date
 Electrical Contractor  Randy Anderson  4  08/09/2017
 State Certified General Contractor  John A. Melton  3  08/09/2017
 Licensed Plumbing or Mechanical Contractor  Ronald E.   Dixon  2  08/09/2016
 State Fire Marshall  Eloy Ricardo  2  08/09/2017
 Licensed Architect  Bradley Schiffer  2  08/09/2016
 County Liaison  Judy Puig