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Code Enforcement Board


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This seven-member, two alternate member board was created on November 14, 1988 and amended on December 3, 1996 and January 26, 2010. It is composed of, but not limited to, individuals representing the occupations of architect, businessman, engineer, general contractor, subcontractor and Realtor and are considered, in part, on the basis of experience or interest in the areas of the codes and ordinances to be enforced. This is a Quasi-Judicial Board. Members are required to file a Form 1, Statement of Financial Interest each year with the Supervisor of Elections. The board meets on the fourth Thursday per month. Terms are three years.

 Category  Name  Position on the Board  District Terms Expires 
 Realtor Robert F. Kaufman     Chair  2  02/14/2018
 Real Estate/Zonimg   Gerald Lefebvre  Member  3  02/14/2018
 Construction Robert C. Ashton  Member  2  02/14/2019
Transportation Ronald J. Doino  Member  1  02/14/2018
 Realtor Lionel L’Esperance  Member  2  02/14/2019
 Property Management James Lavinski  Vice Chair  1  02/14/2018
 Realtor Kathleen Elrod  Alternate Member  5  02/14/2019
 Transportation     Tony Marino  Member  3  02/14/2017
 Insurance Susan J. Curley  Alternate Member  2  02/14/2017
 County Liaison Marlene Serrano