Immokalee Enterprise Zone Development Agency


The thirteen member Immokalee Enterprise Zone Development Agency, also serving as the Immokalee Community Redevelopment Agency, was created on April 4, 1995. Applicants should represent local law enforcement, businesses or residents within the nominated area. This 13 member committee was created to induce private investment into distressed areas to create economic opportunities and sustainable economic development for designated areas. Terms are four years.

 Category  Name   District
 Business Owner  Cynthia Lozano  
 Business in Zone  Martha Williams  5
 Non-profit Organization  Frank Nappo  3
 Non-profit Organization  Michael Facundo  
 Business in Zone  Vacant  
 Resident/Business  Vacant  
 Business in Zone/Resident  Edward "Ski" Olesky  5
 Resident  Estil Null  5
 Workforce Development Board  James I. Wall  
 Non-voting Ex-Officio  Vacant  
 Local Law Enforcement  Vacant  
 Local Code Enforcement Agency Christina Perez  5
 Business Operating in Zone  Vacant  
 Non-profit Organization  Julio Estremera  
 Resident  Andrea Halman  5