Water and Wastewater Authority


The five member authority was established on February 27, 1996. This authority regulates utility rates and related matters regarding non-exempt water and wastewater utilities in unincorporated Collier County. Three members shall be technical in nature, with expertise in engineering, finance and/or business administration. The remaining two members shall be appointed on the basis of individual civic pride, integrity and experience in any area of regulation. Members are required to file a Form 1 Statement of Financial Interests each year with the Supervisor of Elections. The committee meets at 1:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month. Terms are four years.

 Name   Category  District  Term Date
 Dr. Sherwin H. Ritter    5  
 Dr. Fay R. Biles    1  
 Lowell Lam    1  
 Patricia Sherry    1  
 Jerry P. Morgan    2  
 Eloy Ricardo  Lay Member  2  05/21/19
 James French  County Liaison