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Building Permit Application Instructions, Pg. 2

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Owner Builders

  1. An owner builder affidavit must be completed and submitted with the permit package. The forms are available from the Lobby Receptionist. An owner builders signature must be notarized on all pages of the application and affidavit. The owner builder may not authorize anyone else to sign the application. If there is an agent he/she must have a signed and notarized authorization form from the owner to submit or pick up permits.
  2. A copy of the warranty deed or paid tax receipt must accompany your application if the new Owner information is not in the Property Record at time of Application.

Information Required on the Plans

  1. If applicable, the well location should appear on the site plan.
  2. Plan dimensions shall appear on the floor plan of the building with all outside dimensions. All square footage of living area and non-living area shall appear on plans with room sizes indicated.
  3. The foundation plan view for one and two family dwellings should include all out to out dimensions, and footing sizes. Please refer to Chapter 18 of the Florida Building Code 2007. For Residential Chapter 4 of the Residential Code Book. Multi-family and commercial projects that are designed by a Florida registered architect or engineer must comply with the current Florida Building Code 2007 with 2009 supplements. A complete wall section of the building shall be included on the plans with details from the foundation through the roof.
  4. Egress windows must have a clear opening of 5.7 sq. ft., grade floor only minimum 5.0 sq. ft. Please refer to Section 10 of the Florida Building Code 2007 or Residential Code Section 310 for exact requirements, details and optional methods.
  5. Fireplace / Jennaire details shall be included on the plans, if applicable.
  6. Opening protective must be submitted and details shown on the plans.
  7. One hour protection, all fire protection of structural components and assemblies must be shown in detail.  This requirement is not only limited to one hour protection, but includes 2, and 4 hour protection.  When using a listed design, U. L., F. M. or others, please include the number of the design and note the testing laboratory.
  8. Tenant Separation, when required, should be noted on the plan view of the drawings and detailed in section.
  9. Roofing material type, size, and weight is to be included on the plans, refer to Chapter 15 of the Florida Building Code 2007 or Residential Code Chapter 9. This includes all buildings.
  10. Refer to Chapter 10 of the Florida Building Code 2007 Residential Code Chapter 3 for proper design of stairs, handrails, and guard rails. Be aware, there are different requirements for commercial use, multi-family use, and one and two family dwelling use.
  11. Hydrostatic relief vents are required for garages and storage rooms constructed below the base flood elevation (BFE) in the "A" zone for residential occupancies.  All other occupancies located below the BFE are permitted to flood proof.  Refer to the Collier County Flood Ordinance No. 86-26 as amended by Ordinance No. 87-80 and 90-31.  If the project is located in the "Coastal Zone" or to determine of the project is in the "Coastal Zone" refer to Ordinance No. 87-20. Breakaway walls are required in the "V" zone. If you have Any questions regarding flood information, please contact our office.
  12. If for any reason a structural engineer's design is required for the project,  a portion of the project, or a certain component incorporated into the project,  that design must be submitted with the plans and building permit application. Calculated loads of roof and floor bearing members are required for all submittals.
  13. The location of the air handler must be shown on the plans. If the air handler is located in the attic, truss plans must show the location with a note indicating that the trusses are designed to carry the load. Detailed plans are required for the enclosure of the air handler, if located in the attic. The R values of the insulation being used throughout the building shall be noted on the plans.
  14. Plumbing Riser Diagrams details are required for single family dwellings with 3,500 sq. ft. or greater of living area. Commercial and multi-family buildings always require plumbing details, regardless of size.
  15. Plumbing, electrical and all other penetrations into or through fire rated assemblies must be  shown on the plans in detail, and the approved U. L., F. M. or other approved testing laboratory design number must also be included on the plans.
  16. For one and two family dwellings an electrical layout with the panel location and service entrance, and smoke & CO2 detectors must be clearly shown on the plans. The panel rating shall also be noted on the plans. Commercial and multi-family projects will require a complete set of electrical plans including panel schedule and riser diagram.


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