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Vanderbilt Drive Pathway

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Certain safety aspects of this study are being designed and constructed by the Collier County Transportation Engineering Department. Please use the following link to see what projects have moved from the planning phase to the design and construction phase.

The Vanderbilt Drive Pathway Project requires extensive coordination with the Public Utilities Water Main Replacement Project and the Vanderbilt Beach Beautification MSTU’s Florida Power and Light Underground Power Conversion Project.

Vanderbilt Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Study

Additional information is provided below for reference. 

Vanderbilt Drive April 2013 Meeting Exhibits:


NorthCorridor 3 Crosswalks
NorthCorridor 4 Crosswalks
Roundabout Images
Sign Images 


Vanderbilt Drive 2012:

Vanderbilt Drive Meeting GIS Exhibit
Pathway Plans (PDF)
January 2012 Public Meeting Handout
Comments from the Vanderbilt Drive Corridor Improvements Public Information Meeting on 01-26-12