Collier County Shelter Locations & Evacuation Routes

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During an actual disaster we will list information about current shelters being opened.   Please note, not all shelters will be opened when a storm threatens.  The decisions on when to open and which shelters to open are made the day before hazardous conditions arrive.  Click on " Shelters " to see which shelters could potentially be opened.

Shelters do not provide conveniences or luxuries. Food and water will be available, but there may be a slight delay in initial service. If you want or need special food items, bring them to the shelter with you. Bring your families’ disaster survival kit to ensure proper provisions. Some items you should consider bringing when going to a shelter:

Prescription medications
Drinking water (initially)
Snacks or special foods
Lawn chair or bed roll
Books, magazines, electronic entertainment items with headphones
Change of clothing

Weapons and alcoholic beverages are not permitted. The only animals allowed are documented service animals.

What to bring to a shelter:

People seeking safety at a storm shelter should bring extra clothing, toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, games and coloring books for their children, baby supplies such as formula and diapers, a sleeping bag, blankets, pillows and medications. Shelters do provide some food but families are urged to bring light snacks.

Pets are allowed in only one storm shelter.  Contact Domestic Animal Services Department for registration information at 239. 252.7387.  Visit DAS's homepage.