Engineering Services Section


The Engineering Services Section is responsible for the inspection of private development projects within Collier County to assure that all infrastructure development design complies with the Land Development Code, and that construction meets the approved plans and specification documents. After the project plans are approved and the project enters the construction phase, the Engineering Inspection Section becomes involved and provides inspection services to assure that quality construction takes place in accordance with the approved plans and specification.

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Below is the contact information for staff's direct numbers.  If you need immediate assistance or to inquire if someone else could assist you with your question, please call 239-252-2400 for our Business Center.
You may also call our Engineering Services main number at 239-252-2417

Jack McKenna County Engineer 239-252-2911
David Crane  Senior Engineer 239-252-6820
Mark Lindsay Right-of-Way Inspector 239-252-5768
Mark Burtchin Right-of-Way Inspector 239-252-5165
Engineering Services Department  Department Support  239-252-2417



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Growth Management Department
Engineering and Natural Resources Division
2800 North Horseshoe Drive
Naples, FL  34104
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Phone: (239) 252-2400

Updated 7/1/2016