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Operations & Regulatory Management


Welcome to the Operations and Regulatory Management Division

Jamie and Matt

The Growth Management Department's Operations and Regulatory Management Division is Collier County’s steward of state and local codes and regulations. The staff help ensure that Collier County remains a safe, healthy, and sustainable community by applying smart planning initiatives, a proactive use of technology, outreach to the citizens, and a personalized service.

The Division has the unique ability to improve the quality of life for County residents and visitors by preserving and enhancing both the natural and built environments through encouraging sustainable growth and community partnerships. Friendly and knowledgeable staff members create effective networks among our citizens, visitors, industries, and the federal and state regulatory agencies.

Staff is excited to speak with you about upcoming projects or questions you might have regarding the regulatory aspects of building in Collier County. Whether you want to improve or build new, staff is here for you.

The Division includes:

  • Financial
  • Licensing
  • GIS/CAD Mapping/Addressing
  • Operations and Building Maintenance
  • Training and QA/QC
  • Cashier
  • Digital Plan Review and Application Support
  • Operations
  • Business Center
  • Quality Check and Outreach
  • Client Services
  • Permit Intake
  • Immokalee
  • Planning Front Counter
  • Signs




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Growth Management Department
Operations and Regulatory Management 
2800 North Horseshoe Drive
Naples, Florida 34104
Phone: 239-252-2400 * Fax: 239-252-3990

Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

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Updated 7/26/2016