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Welcome to the Growth Management Department
Contact Information List

We are pleased to provide immediate assistance through our 
Customer Service Call Center
by dialing 239-252-2400.

James French Deputy Department Head 239-252-2400 
Operations and Regulatory Management
Ken Kovensky Director 239-252-2388 
Stephanie Amann  Manager  239-252-8736 
Ashley Lang  Senior Budget Analyst  239-252-2302 
Crystal Sanchez  Budget Analyst  239-252-5085 
Erin Page Budget Analyst 239-252-2521
Judy Puig  Operations Analyst  239-252-2370 
Magaly Bowman  Operations Coordinator  239-252-2480 
Donna Guitard  Operations Coordinator  239-252-2327 
Addressing/CAD Mapping/Records
Vacant Supervisor-GIS/CAD 239-252-2307 
Jessica Huckeba  CAD Technician  239-252-2315
Annis Moxam  GIS Technician  239-252-5519 
Jon Voiles  GIS Technician  239-252-2600 
Jean Benoit Operations Supervisor-Records 239-252-8684 
Robert DeCamp Operation Coordinator  239-252-2536
David Merino  Planning Technician  239-252-2382 
Kathleen VanSickle  Fiscal Technician  239-252-5201 
Sara Ison  Customer Service Specialist  239-252-6094
Business Center 
Claudine Auclair  Manager 239-252-5887 
Quality Check & Outreach    
Michael Levy Operations Analyst 239-252-4283 
Client Services     
Everildo Ybaceta Permitting Supervisor 239-252-4229 
Paula Brethauer Project Coordinator 239-252-2401 
Rami Khawaja Project Coordinator  239-252-2438 
Evelyn Trimino Project Coordinator 239-252-4317 
Renald Paul  Project Coordinator - Code Enforcement  239-252-2443 
Pamela Judy Permitting Technician   239-252-2435 
Jose Nodar Operations Coordinator   239-252-2335 
Permit Intake  
Edward Bouza Permitting Supervisor 239-252-2371 
Carol Stachura  Planning Technician  239-252-6835 
James Forma Planning Technician  239-252-2348
Ailyn Padron   Planning Technician  239-252-5624 
Wanda Warren  Planning Technician  239-252-5579 
Martha Vellos  Planning Technician  239-252-5711 
Maria Diaz Planning Technician 239-252-5759
Amy Sheehan Planning Technician 239-252-2461 
Mayra Castillo Planning Technician 239-252-8009 
Ryan Oxford Planning Technician  239-252-2471
Lamay Perez Planning Technician  239-252-2476
Oliver Rodgers   Planning Technician  239-252-2489 
Abraham Berrios Planning Technician 239-252-5872 
Planning Front Counter   239-252-5603
Gaberiela Castro Planner  239-252-5603
Karta Llamos  Planner  239-252-2524
Diana Compagnone Sign Plans Reviewer 239-252-2429
Jennifer Breining Sign Plans Reviewer 239-252-5573
Immokalee Office  
Asha Greenidge Planner 239-252-2408
Alamar Smiley  Operations Coordinator  239-252-5733
Cashiering and Call Center
Maria Corzo  Revenue Supervisor  239-252-5722 
Maria Estrada  Operations Coordinator 239-252-2989 
Martin Ruedy Fiscal Technician 239-252-2522
Lea Derence  Planning Technician  239-252-5113 
Alina Harris Fiscal Technician 239-252-2913
Elizabeth Mendez  Fiscal Technician 239-252-5116 
Contractor Licensing
Ian Jackson  License Compliance Supervisor 239-252-2451 
Karen Clements  License Compliance Officer  239-252-2450 
Robin Ganguli License Compliance Officer  239-252-2914 
Steven Kovacs License Compliance Officer  239-252-2468 
Reggie Smith  License Compliance Officer  239-252-2432
Joe Nourse License Compliance Officer  239-252-2297 
Jason Bridwell Administrative Supervisor  239-252-2930
Joann Greenberg  Customer Service Specialist  239-252-2431 
Samantha Roe  Customer Service Specialist  239-252-5572 
Vacant Customer Service Specialist  239-252-2909
Digital Plan Review & Application Support
Gary Kendall Manager - Technical Systems Operations 239-252-2668
Simon Cleveland  Senior Operations Analyst 239-252-7935 
Cheryl Soter  Principal Planner  239-252-2937 
Tonia Spangler  Applications Analyst  239-252-5758 
Dan Long Applications Analyst  239-252-8701 
Jason Badge Applications Analyst 239-252-2376 
Mike Dumais Senior Programmer Analyst 239-252-2377 
Beth Yang Principal Planner 239-252-6208 
Laura Gibson Senior Environmental Specialist 239-252-2933
Lazaro Pomier Senior Operations Analyst 239-252-8214 
Dianna Perryman Training Coordinator  239-252-2965 
Danny Condomina Training Coordinator  239-252-6866
Development Review
Matthew McLean Manager 239-252-8279
Engineering Review    
Brett Rosenblum Senior Engineer 239-252-2905
Alicia Humphries  Senior Site Plans Reviewer (ROW) 239-252-2326 
Stephen Baluch  Site Plans Reviewer  239-252-2361 
vacant Site Plans Reviewer  239-252-2434 
Chad Sweet Site Plans Reviewer  239-252-2491 
Garrett Louviere Site Plans Reviewer 239-252-2526
Environmental Review    
Kirsten Wilkie  Principal Environmental Specialist 239-252-5518 
David Anthony Senior Environmental Specialist 239-252-2497 
Craig Brown Environmental Specialist 239-252-2548
Planning Review    
Chris Scott  Planning Manager  239-252-2460 
Mark Templeton Principal Planner  239-252-2475
Christine Willoughby Senior Planner 239-252-5748 
Chris Sparacino Planner  239-252-8676
Stefanie Nawrocki Planner 239-252-2313
Ellen Summers  Planner  239-252-1032
Peter Shawinsky Architect 239-252-8523
Plat and Plan Review    
John Houldsworth  Senior Site Plans Reviewer 239-252-5757
Jodi Hughes Associate Project Manager  239-252-5744
Marcus Berman County Land Surveyor 239-252-6885 
Permitting Distribution    
Ivette Monroig  Technician  239-252-2923 
Valerie Kullick Planning Technician  239-252-2987
Alma Serna Brito Planning Technician 239-252-7344 
Land Development & Flood Plain Regulation
Caroline Cilek  Manager 239-252-2485 
Richard Henderlong Principal Planner  239-252-2464 
Jeremy Frantz Senior Planner 239-252-2305 
Howard Critchfield FEMA Floodplain Coordinator  239-252-5858
William Lang Planner 239-252-2389
Kathy Badger Floodplain Permitting Technician 239-252-2390 
Bethany Mitchell Floodplain Permitting Technician 239-252-5866

Building Plans Review and Inspections

Richard Long  Plans Review and Inspections Manager  239-252-2490 
Jonathan Walsh Sr. Engineer/Building Official 239-252-2962
Richard Traverse Sr. Engineer  239-252-2968 
John McCormick Sr. Engineer  239-252-5203
Sr. Building Inspectors    
Jim Kerrigan Sr. Building Inspector 239-438-5174
John Clements Sr. Building Inspector 239-438-5165
John Serenko Sr. Building Inspector 239-438-5183
Richard Noonan Sr. Building Inspector 239-877-2854
Scott Ellis Sr. Building Inspector 239-292-0425
Tim Stick Sr. Building Inspector 239-438-5185
Brooke Bond Operations Coordinator  239-252-2398
Connie Thomas Operations Coordinator 239-252-2473
Heather Smallwood     Operations Coordinator 239-252-2558
Josh Lenio Operations Coordinator 239-252-2459
Susan Rossi Operations Coordinator 239-252-2407
Myron Jacobs Chief Structural Inspector  239-252-2427 
Alexander Pando Building Inspector - Structural 239-438-5187
Brian Linhard Building Inspector - Structural 239-438-5179
Bruce Kramer Building Inspector - Structural  239-292-1678
Ed Mitchell IV Building Inspector - Structural  239-438-5354 
Fernando Espinoza Building Inspector - Structural  239-292-1278 
Harry Chancy Building Inspector - Structural  239-438-5168
Jack Togher Building Inspector - Structural 239-438-5164
Jeff French Building Inspector - Structural 239-821-0437
Jim Meisberger Building Inspector - Structural   239-292-3954 
John Collins Building Inspector - Structural 239-784-7716 
Raul Rodriguez Building Inspector - Structural 239-877-2389
Robert Bolinger Building Inspector - Structural 239-821-0440 
Robert Loges Building Inspector - Structural 239-784-7977
Robert Shutok Building Inspector - Structural 239-877-1092
Steve Belyea Building Inspector - Structural 239-438-5163
Thomas DeGram Building Inspector - Structural 239-821-1594
Thomas Winkler Building Inspector - Structural 239-877-2502
Andy Ewing      Structural Plans Reviewer 239-252-2470 
Daniel Wasch Residential Plans Reviewer  239-252-6811 
Luis Hernandez Structural Plans Reviewer 239-252-5716
Michael Gibbons Structural Plans Reviewer 239-252-2426
Robert Moore Architect 239-252-5705
Thomas Umschied           Structural Plans Reviewer 239-252-2433 
Tom Williams Structural Plans Reviewer 239-252-2369
Donna Dowdell  Administrative Supervisor  239-252-2406 
Dana Spencer  Permitting Technician  239-252-2373 
Doris Couture  Permitting Technician  239-252-4288
Lissandra Corsile Permitting Technician 239-252-2333 
Samuel Alpire Permitting Technician 239-252-4288
Robert Cornetta Chief Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector 239-252-2474
Barry Penix Building Inspector 239-537-6305
Daniel Bilek  Building Inspector - Plumbing 239-821-7553
David Laterneau  Building Inspector - Plumbing 239-465-1469
Gary Konicek  Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical  239-821-0535 
Herb James    Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical  239-877-7428 
James Warfield  Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical  239-877-6034 
John Widlacki Building Inspector - Plumbing 239-877-2920 
Pete Lakoma Building Inspector - Plumbing 239-537-6305 
Peter Vargo  Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical  239-438-5182 
Peter Williams Building Inspector - Plumbing 239-292-2780 
Rob Rogers  Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical 239-438-2087
Tim Rivard  Building Inspector - Plumbing/Mechanical 239-438-5170
Tim Williams Building Inspector- Mechanical 239-465-1023
Wayne Hendrickx  Building Inspector - Mechanical 239-784-5629
Robert Garee  Plumbing/Mechanical Plans Reviewer/FEMA  239-252-4282 
Tim Rygiel         Plumbing Plans Reviewer 239-252-2455 
Fred Clum Chief Electrical Inspector  239-252-4232 
Donald Wincer  Building Inspector - Electrical  239-438-5190
Gregory Surniak  Building Inspector - Electrical  239-821-2061
Jeff Teston   Building Inspector - Electrical  239-877-3168
Jerry Hitch Building Inspector - Electrical  239-871-7000
Mark Bauer Building Inspector - Electrical  239-438-0340
Mark Thomas  Building Inspector - Electrical 239-438-5191
Raymond Rosa Building Inspector - Electrical 239-877-7942
Richard Davidson Building Inspector - Electrical 239-438-5177
William Chancy  Building Inspector - Electrical 239-877-3160
David Engelhart Electrical Plans Reviewer 239-252-5723
Gregory Hamm Electrical Plans Reviewer 239-252-2415
Vito Congine Jr. Electrical Plans Reviewer 239-252-5581
Fire Plans Review    
Tom Mastroberto  Senior Site Plans Reviewer  239-252-7348
Edwin Sanchez Plans Reviewer 239-252-7325
Stephen McDonnell Plans Reviewer 239-252-7517
Final Type
Angel Tarpley Operations Supervisor 239-252-5625 
Cashondra Chandler Customer Service Specialist  239-252-2381
Giuliano Guevara Permitting Technician 239-252-2381
John Martin Permitting Technician  239-252-2906
Matt Denison   Operations Coordinator 239-252-2457 
Melissa Buchman Planning Technician  239-252-2467
Sonie Clarke Boyle Permitting Technician  239-252-2439
Theresa Potter Permitting Technician  239-252-2902
Tracy Bates Permitting Technician  239-252-2329
Vicki Scott Permitting Technician 239-252-2428
Updated 09/06/2016