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Beach Parking Information

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Collier County offers beach parking to visitors and residents with beach permits.

Resident Beach Parking Permits || Visitor Beach Parking Permits

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Residents Beach Parking Permits

Residents pay for beach permits in their property taxes and may pick up a beach sticker at any community center at a Collier County Park. 

Placement Instructions:Vanderbilt beach
The permit must be permanently adhered to the driver's side lower left corner of the windshield to be valid.  No tape or lamination.  You may adhere these on rental cars, if you have permission from the rental company, however Collier County is not responsible for damage charges.

Permits may not be moved from one vehicle to another. The permit must remain with the vehicle with which it was registered.

Residents are required to provide documentation proving their residency.  Read the below list. 

  • Without a beach permit, individuals must pay an $8 parking fee at any of Collier County's beach parking facilities including the Vanderbilt Beach Garage

Full time Residents must provide the following to obtain a parking permit:

  • Original current Collier County Vehicle Registration (copies not accepted)
  • Original current Collier County Drivers License (copies not accepted)
  • Both documents must display the same name and Collier County residence address

Part time Resident Property Owners must provide the following to obtain a parking sticker:

  • Original current Vehicle Registration or rental car agreement (copies not accepted) 
  • Original current Drivers License (regardless of state) (copies not accepted)
  • Current Collier County Tax Statement or deed
  • All 3 documents must display the property owner's name 

Mobile Home Owners please note:

  • Mobile Home Owners must own the land the home is on if they are a part time resident in order to qualify for the property tax paid beach permit with no payment required at the time of pickup - otherwise you will need to purchase a $50 annual beach permit for visitors
  • Taxes paid on land do not qualify the payer as an 'property owner', even if they own the mobile home the land rests on.
  • Full time residents living in mobile homes may obtain a beach parking permit.

Take your documentation to:

Visitor Beach Parking Permits

  • Cost is $50
  • Annual Beach Parking Permit is for visitors and part-time residents, who do not own property
  • The Stickers will cover 12 months of parking beginning at the time of purchase
  • If visitors do not wish to purchase an annual Beach Parking Permit, they still have the option to pay as they park at a cost of $8 at Collier County Parks and Recreation locations

Locations to obtain $50 Visitor/Non-Resident Beach Parking Permit