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Analytical Services (Laboratory Services)


Lab Team 2013

GOAL: Provide analytical, chemical, and biological data that is accurate, precise and reliable. Data provided by the Pollution Control & Prevention Laboratory is used for a number of water quality purposes, including evaluation of long-term trends, identification of water quality problems, and evaluation of the effectiveness of the County’s groundwater protection program.

MANDATES: Comply with Collier County’s Water Pollution Control Program Ordinance 89-20, the Growth Management Plan’s (GMP) Conservation and Coastal Management Element (CCME), the Natural Groundwater Aquifer Recharge Sub-Element (NGAR) and contracts and agreements.


1. The laboratory analyzes approximately 70,000 samples per year.

2. The CCPCPD laboratory coordinates with the City of Naples on three separate projects: Naples Bay Water Quality, Moorings Bay Water Quality and Naples Bay Stormwater. Data generated by the lab are used to identify impacts on Naples Bay and its watershed.

3. The team provides technical assistance to other agencies and county departments that share the mission of protecting Collier County’s environmental resources from pollution (e.g. City of Marco Island, City of Naples, Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Pelican Bay Services, Collier County Coastal Zone Management, Solid Waste Department, Stormwater Department, Wastewater and Water Departments and Parks and Recreation Departments).

4. Managing analytical services in-house gives the County control over the quality, validity and usability of the data.

5. Immediate analytical services can be provided when needed and many tests that cannot be outsourced due to holding times can be performed in-house. This allows for the quick delivery of sound, reliable data to the County's decision makers and staff.

6. Fully functional NELAC accredited environmental Laboratory.      


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