Collier Information Hotline (239) 252-8444 or 311.    Residents Must Limit Water Use.   Boil Water Notice is still in effect for ALL Collier Water District Customers.

Disposal Rates

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Difficult-to-handle material requiring pre-acceptance site preparation (example: asbestos, ash, powders). $315.00/ incident**  (site preparation), plus $125.83/ton for the material.

Waste requiring special acceptance procedures, but no special site preparation $101.37/ton, except sludge at $58.92/ ton, accepted only in emergencies for Collier County Utilities.

Wastes that are prohibited by law or regulation for the landfill, but are deposited at Landfill working area and recycle center must be inspected/removed by contractor/County staff (example: whole tires, white goods, lead-acid batteries, household hazardous materials and co-mingled items electronics; commercial and residential) $31.00/item.**

All fees are based on certified scale weight, per cubic yard fee, or per item fee. 

Mixed loads of biomass (land clearing, plant trimmings, and grass cuttings) and other waste shall not be accepted.

$60.23 / ton

$66.07 / ton


$64.90 / ton

$68.57 / ton



  • $72.56/ton for Mixed Waste (Non-MSW)
  • $73.92/ ton for Scrap Metals
  • $73.92/ ton for Appliances/White Goods
  • $60.23/ ton for Residential Appliances
  • $58.92/ ton for Sludge (Collier County only)
  • $70.28/ ton for Waste-Grit
  • $73.92/ ton for Construction/Demolition Debris
  • $40.13/ ton for Residential Biomass
  • $44.01/ ton for Commercial Biomass
  • $87.46/ ton for Plastic/Agriculture 
  • $63.65/ ton for Special MSW - Residential Exemptions
  • $66.07/ ton for Special MSW - Commercial Exemptions 
  • $73.92/ ton for Beach Clean-up  
  • $72.56/ ton Animal Carcasses
  • $7.00/ each** Freon Handling             
  • $180.53/ ton for Tires larger than 18" or more than 6 in load and large off road equipment tires 
  • $8.00/ Vehicle tires 16” to 18"
  • $3.00/ Vehicle tires 15” or smaller size
  • $170.86/ ton for Residential Tires
  • $10.24/ ton for clean source separated concrete material suitable for the Artificial Reef Program greater than 3 cubic feet (requiring prep) 
  • No charge for clean source separated concrete material suitable for the Artificial Reef Program greater than 3 cubic feet (ready for use) 
  • $73.92/ton for Mobile Homes/Vehicles less than 20 ft.
  • $373.00/unit for Mobile Homes/Vehicles greater than 20 ft. 
  • $7.00/each for Vehicle Weighing/Non-Landfill Customer
  • Service charges for Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) - the face value of the check plus service charges according to Section 832.07 Florida Statutes
  • Late Payment fee to all accounts delinquent 30 days or older - 5% of invoice amount
  • $31.00/card** for unattended scale access card


Recycling Center fees are based on per item disposal, processing, and transportation cost and are rounded to the nearest dollar.

          Residential Fees:

  • No Charge for Single Item Charge - Miscellaneous Items, less than 1/2 cubic yard brought to the Recycling Center for proper disposal 
  • $11.00/ per visit** Biomass or Construction and Demolition Material one (1) cubic yard maximum brought to the Recycling Drop-off Centers for proper processing.
  • $3.00/tire** for car or truck tire 15" or smaller rim size  (Large tractor or heavy equipment tires accepted at landfill only)
  • $8.00/tire** for car or truck tire 16" or larger rim size
  • No Charge for Electronics - Residential   
  • No Charge for Fluorescent Bulbs - Residential
  • No Charge for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - Residential
  • $1.00/item** for HID Lamps
  • $7.00/item** for Ballasts first one free to residents 
  • No Charge for Mercury Devices - Residential
  • $6.00/item containing Freon - (special handling charge)
  • No Charge for Electronic TV's***
  • No Charge for Latex Paint - Residential 200 lbs. per day
  • $1.00/ per lbs.** for Latex Paint - Residential - Over 200 lbs. per day
  • No Charge for Mercury Devices
  • $7.00/items** for Items containing Freon (Special handling charge)
  • No Charge for Antifreeze  
  • No Charge for Used Oil
  • No Charge for Oil Filters 
  • No Charge for Cooking Oil
  • No Charge for Gasoline
  • No Charge for Diesel
  • No Charge for Vehicle and Marine Batteries
  • No Charge for Fire Extinguisher
  • No Charge for Flare
  • No Charge for Ammunition
  • No Charge for 1 lb. Propane Tank
  • No Charge for Household Hazardous Waste

Commercial Fees:

  • $11.00/per visit** for Biomass or Construction and Demolition materials one (1) cubic yard maximum brought to the Recycling Drop-off Centers for proper processing. 
  • $8.00/car and truck tire 16” or larger rim size.
  • $3.00/car and truck tire 15” or smaller rim size (Large tractor or heavy equipment tires are only accepted at the landfill).
  • $2.00/item** for Electronics - Commercial
  • $11.00/item for Electronic TV's - Commercial***  
  • No Charge for Fluorescent Bulbs - Commercial - First 20 free
  • $1.00/each** for Fluorescent Bulbs - Commercial (Over 20) 
  • No Charge Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - Commercial
  • $1.00/item HID Lamps
  • $7.00/per item** Ballast
  • $1.00/device for Mercury Devices 
  • $1.00/ per lbs. - Commercial Latex Paint - Commercial
  • $7.00/items** containing Freon - (special handling charge)

Commercial Hazardous Waste: Please call for appointment at (239) 253-2030.

            No Charge Items - Residential & Commercial

  • No Charge - Antifreeze
  • No Charge - Used Oil 
  • No Charge - Oil Filters
  • No Charge - Cooking Oil
  • No Charge - Gasoline
  • No Charge - Diesel
  • No Charge - All Marine Batteries
  • No Charge - Fire Extinguisher
  • No Charge - Flares
  • No Charge - Ammunition
  • No Charge - 1 lb. Propane Tanks
  • No Charge - Household Hazardous Waste

 * Material not accepted at the North Collier Recycling Drop-off Center; The Marco Island & Naples Recycling Drop-off Centers are limited to a maximum limit of one (1) cubic yard or the equivalent of two (2) 96 gallon cart collection containers of material per visit per day.

* Biomass and Construction and Demolition accepted at the Marco Island and Naples Recycling Drop-off Centers are limited to a maximum limit of one (1) cubic yard or equivalent of two (2) 06-gallon roll cart collection containers of materials per visit per day.

** Prices are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

***Electronic Television's - Residential and Commercial - Limit of 3 televisions at the recycling Centers.