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East of CR 951 Bridge Study



A study was completed to determine locations where bridges may be built in Golden Gate Estates to connect roads that will improve traffic mobility, improve services, allow for faster response times for emergency services and improve evacuation routes. Twelve sites have been suggested so far to the East of 951 Committee to be considered for potential bridges following input from agencies such as Collier County EMS, Corkscrew Island Fire District, Golden Gate Fire District, Collier County Parks and Recreation Department, Collier County Public Utilities Division, Collier County School District and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

The Transportation Services Division’s 5-Year Work Program and the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Long Range Transportation Plan recognize the need for bridge maintenance as well as new bridge construction. Locations deemed as potential sites for bridges at this point went through an evaluation and ranking process based on the following criteria:

o Existing and future connectivity;

o Change in response time for emergency services;

o Impact on roadway network Level of Service (LOS);

o Connection to planned or existing signalized intersections;

o Change in trip length;

o Impact to the roadway being connected to the bridge;

o Access to existing and planned school sites; and

o School bus efficiency.

After all rankings were completed by the outside agencies and the public, Transportation Planning Department staff compiled and evaluated the data, provided cost analysis as well as reviewed the impact on the community.

A final report and recommendation was completed in August 2008 and a presentation made to the East of CR 951 Committee in September 2008 and was included in the East of CR 951 Infrastructure and Services Horizon Study.

View Map with proposed bridges (6MB PDF) 

        Final Report (6MB PDF)

        Report Appendices (18.2 MB PDF)

Updated 12/30/13